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No matter where you're starting from, Virtuoso Asset Management (VAM) is here to help. Maybe you're ready to start planning for retirement or perhaps you need support in making your first budget. Wherever you are on your financial journey, VAM is here to help you take your next steps.

As the first RIA in the country dedicated to serving artists and supporters of the arts, we pride ourselves on serving individuals at different stages of life from varied backgrounds and experiences. Whether you're an artist or an arts-supporter, Virtuoso Asset Management is here for you. Welcome!

Financial Planning

Whether you need help managing cash-flow, paying off debt, or investing for the future, VAM will help you create a financial plan tailored to your goals.

Financial Planning

Investment Management

Transparent, flat-fee investing means we manage your money with your goals in mind, not our bottom line.

Investment Management

No matter how you decide to engage with Virtuoso, it's important that you know about our commitment to 1% For The Arts. 

When you become a member of the Virtuoso family, you've joined us in our commitment to making a donation at the end of each year equal to 1% of of our gross revenue across all Virtuoso companies. And you have a voice in where that money is directed. >> Read more about this initiative here.

Financial Planning


One-Time Fee

  • 5 one-on-one meetings with Tiffany
  • Comprehensive analysis & report
  • Interactive planning software
  • Secure document vault
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Annual Reviews for LIFE!*

What does a Financial Plan include?

The VAM Planning experience is a collaborative one. Over the course of 5 meetings, Tiffany will help clarify your personal, professional, and financial goals. We will review your current financial framework and then use data and analytical reporting to craft a plan on how to align your financial activities with achieving your defined goals. 

Planning includes a comprehensive analysis, access to interactive planning software where you can view and edit your financial analysis, detailed recommendations, accountability task check ins, annual reviews of your financial plan and more!


*Financial Plans started after January 2022 may incur an Annual Review fee at the time of review. This fee covers the time to review and refresh the plan for both advisor and team.

Investment Management

Do you find yourself intimidated by your company's 401k or 403b investing options? Or maybe you're self-employed and don't even know where to begin saving for retirement. Does the stock market give you the heebee-jeebees? Yet you know that investing is how the wealthy grow their money... so how can you do what they're doing? How can you make sure your money is working hard while you sleep?

Many people choose the DIY-investing route because advisory fees can certainly eat into the growth of a portfolio over time. Before you consider working with any advisor, determine what value you place on the peace of mind of working with a professional.

AUM Fees

Flat fees; no shenanigans

Total AUM Max Annual Fee
$500k+ 1%
$250k-$499k        1.15%
$100k-$249k           1.20%
$1,000*-$99k 1.25%



Do you need someone to manage your money?

Being a fee-only fiduciary means VAM will never take a commission for the products or services offered. Zero conflict of interest ensures we can always remain client-centered in our services.

When we serve as asset managers, we charge a percent of assets under management. This ensures that the client's goals and the firm goals are in alignment. 

What do I get for my fees?

  • A tailored investment portfolio, that you approve, managed to maximize your earning potential and meet your personal goals.
  • Regular¬†reports from your advisor on your portfolio's status.
  • Access to¬†an advisor who knows you¬†and your goals and can provide timely answers to your¬†financial questions, big and small.
  • FREE Advisory support to get you started!*¬†

*Management fee waived for accounts under $1,000 with automatic contributions set up. 

Strategy Session

Not quite ready for a full financial plan? Virtuoso can still help get your financial house in order one step at a time. A 90-minute strategy session with Tiffany might give you the kickstart you need and can focus on paying down debt, retirement projections, cashflow and budgeting, specific projects, and more.

Strategy Session


One-Time Fee

  • 90 minuets to zero-in on what you need most
  • Opportunity to submit documents in advance for review
  • Questions answered in real time from a licensed professional
  • Clear action items to propel you towards your goal

Is a strategy session right for you? 

A one-on-one strategy session might be right for you if:

  • You're not ready for financial planning or investment management.
  • You do your own investment management, but want a professional opinion on your strategy.
  • You have a specific financial goal you'd like to achieve and need help outlining a plan of attack.
  • You just need help setting a budget.