In times of great joy or sorrow, we turn to music. 

Through storytelling we share our experiences and culture. 

Great writers shape our policies, and capture historical record.

Visual art is experienced in every area of our modern society from the apps we use to the way we design our living spaces.

Dance is a physical expression of our heart's desires...and on.

Art. Is. Everywhere.

It both informs and captures all that it means to be human and at Virtuoso, we believe the world needs art and beauty and music now more than ever. This is why Virtuoso Asset Management gives back each year in support of art and creators.

When you become a member of the Virtuoso family, you join us in this mission. We commit to making a donation at the end of each year equal to 1% of of our gross revenue across all Virtuoso companies. And our clients and members have a voice in where that money is directed. 

How It Works


In early November, Members and Clients are asked to nominate a favorite arts organization and offer a few words on why they feel that organization makes a difference.

(Organization must be a 501(c)3). 


Once the nomination period closes, members are given information about each nominee and have the opportunity to cast their vote. 



In December, the organization with the most votes will receive a year-end donation in the amount of 1% of the firm's total gross revenue for the year.

Do Well, While Doing Good

Our vision is to turn 1% For The Arts into a global movement;
leading by example, we hope to inspire other business
and individuals to join us in supporting the arts
by giving 1% back each year.