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No matter where you're starting from, Virtuoso Asset Management (VAM) is here to help. Maybe you're ready to start planning for retirement or perhaps you need help creating your first budget. Wherever you are on your financial journey, VAM is here to help you take your next steps.

As the first RIA in the country dedicated to serving artists and supporters of the arts, we pride ourselves on serving individuals at different stages of life from varied backgrounds and experiences. Whether you're an artist or an arts-supporter, Virtuoso Asset Management is here for you. Welcome!

Financial Planning

Whether you need help creating a budget, managing cash-flow, or paying off debt, VAM will create a financial plan tailored to your goals

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Investment Management

Transparent, flat-fee investing means we manage your money with your goals in mind, not our bottom line

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Not ready for a full financial plan? Become a Member for just $6/month and take smaller steps towards a better understanding of your financial picture 

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Tiffany Soricelli is a musician and educator turned financial advisor/ investment manager dedicated to serving creatives of all disciplines.

From young artist to seasoned professional, Tiffany’s passion is helping talented, creative individuals align their financial behaviors and investment strategy with their personal and professional goals.

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What makes Virtuoso different?

Virtuoso Asset Management stands apart because while we are committed to making your money work hard for you, we’re also committed to building something that’s bigger than ourselves through socially responsible investments and philanthropic initiatives.

Membership & Community

For just $5/mo you can begin your journey to a better financial future. Joining Virtuoso's membership program gives you access to exclusive resources and discounts on financial services.

1% For the Arts

Virtuoso is committed to creating a greater impact on the world. Each year 1% of gross revenue is donated back to the arts. VAM Clients and Members get to vote on where that money goes!



We value radical transparency, culture, and community over corporate initiatives. 

Unlike other broker-dealers, we are completely independent. That means no sales quotas, no proprietary offers, and no commission-based products.

Should I become a Member?  

Virtuoso Members want to build financial literacy, and in turn wealth, while giving back to the arts community - doing well while doing good. 

We work with creatives who are seeking more control over their finances by increasing their financial literacy and taking action by investing their assets. Our clients are around the world and aspire to take control of their financial situation so the creation of their art is not dependent on the larger economy. 

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a complete ingenue there’s a place for you in the #VAMFam - let’s work together to reach your goals.

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Do Well while Doing Good


At Virtuoso, we believe it's possible to build a more stable financial future for our clients and give back to the arts community. Each year 1% of Virtuoso's gross revenue is donated back to a cause chosen by our Members.

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Are you an artist looking for one-on-one financial coaching?

Virtuoso Advising for Artists is the financial education hub of the Virtuoso family. Whether you're an individual artist looking for one-on-one coaching or a young artist program administrator looking to add financial education to your curriculum offerings, Check out Virtuoso Advising for Artists for info on classes, coachings, and speaking engagements. 

Virtuoso Advising for Artists