Client Bill of Rights

As a member of the Virtuoso Asset Management community, you have the right to:  

  • Receive courteous service from your advisor and from every member of the VAM team.
  • Receive personalized, independent advice that is focused on your needs and free of bias towards proprietary products, prepackaged ideas, and adherence to imposed sales goals.
  • A transparent relationship based on trust and to clearly understand the costs for all services including portfolio management, planning, membership and advisory services.
  • Work with your advisor, who adheres to the highest levels of the fiduciary standards, to develop a long-term plan to achieve your financial goals.
  • Receive accurate and timely statements related to your account(s).  
  • Receive digital access to your personal accounts and financial plans for review and use.
  • Ongoing monitoring of your investment accounts and regular reviews of your financial plans to ensure all parties are on the same page as it relates to your risk tolerance, objectives, needs/wants, asset allocation, and changing life circumstances.  
  • Expect confidential treatment of your personal information. VAM has taken great care in planning for and abiding by best practices when it comes to securing and protecting client data. Your personal information and portfolio details will not be provided to anyone outside the scope of those having duties and responsibilities related to the terms of our engagement.
  • Trust that your financial advisor is knowledgeable, properly registered, and committed to continuing their education in order to remain effective in their duties and knowledgeable of important developments that have the potential to impact you.*
  • Know that the firm and practice have a business continuation plan in the event of the long term loss of your advisor due to death, disability, or other unforeseen circumstance.
  • To not be denied access to our services based solely on your religion, gender, race, sexual orientation or political views so long as your views do not impose a threat, are violent in nature or are discriminatory to any member of our team.
  • To feel valued and heard without judgement for past financial decisions nor your desired plans for your future. VAM was built to support you and your financial goals; you are the purpose of our work.  


* You can research your advisor’s work history and background by visiting FINRA’s BrokerCheck


As a member of the Virtuoso Asset Management community, you have the responsibility to:

  • Keep your advisor informed of any changes in your financial situation, and of major life-events such as a change of address, new baby, marriage, divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or other significant occurrence.
  • Fully disclose accurate and complete information about your financial status and investment objectives, including goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and other pertinent details.
  • Ask any questions you have about recommendations we make and raise your voice when a topic or discussion requires additional explanation.
  • Inform us if you do not understand or are not comfortable with any or all strategies including but not limited to investments, risks, costs, and fees associated with your accounts.
  • Fully read all documents related to your accounts or plan including: agreements, disclosures, statements, and prospectuses provided to you.
  • Make the best effort to respond to our requests for information and payment in a timely manner so that we can best serve you.  
  • Make an effort to adhere to your agreed upon meeting times and in the event of needing to reschedule, provide us with as much notice as possible.
  • Understand and acknowledge that all investments have some degree of risk and it is possible to lose money on any investment.
  • Treat your advisor and every VAM team member with courtesy and respect.
  • Let us know if we fail to meet your expectations in any way, or if you don’t understand or agree with any actions we take.


Virtuoso Asset Management advisors work to develop long-term relationships with clients built on trust and mutual respect. Fully understanding your rights and responsibilities as a VAM client is part of that process. We look forward to working with you!